Test Case for Mozilla bug #504184

FireFox (3.5.3) browser bug.

Reproducible: every time.

For the animation at the right, multiple images are preloaded via javascript.

On the initial load, or a load into a new window or tab, a simple image animation, based on img.src = "new/path", pulls the pre-loaded images from the cache and proceeds as expected.

On a simple reload (click on toolbar reload button), the animation still proceeds as expected, drawing the images from the cache.

On shift-reload, however, the preloaded images are ignored. Each image is loaded from the server with each iteration until there's a normal reload, or until the page is freshly loaded in a new window or tab.

In my particular use-case. (temporarily posted) the problem is aggravated by something else I can't identify. In this case, further reloads don't help. The only way to ensure that the page uses the cached images for the animation is to load it again into a new window or tab.

I encourage all who see this to confirm this bug in Mozilla's bug-tracker, or vote for it, so that it can get fixed.