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Graphic designer web siteGraphic Design: Marianne Sao ZenboxStudio
Graphic designers present portfolios.

graphic design by Marianne Sao:
OACCOcean Acidification Curriculum Collection
Educators present curriculum materials.
Faceted browsing of small data sets.
tools: WordPress; Simile Exhibit3 javascript library.
christine dakin, dancerChristine Dakin
Performing Artists present film projects, collaborations.
Christine Dakin: A dancer's life.
tools: Simile timelineAPI, Google Maps API, Python, javaScript, jQuery
Musician's web siteFire & Grace: Violin and Guitar
Musicians' customized WordPress site:
Fire & Grace: Violin and Guitar.
Performance schedule, video, audio selections, blog, and more
medieval history web siteThe Itinerary of King John
Researchers present visualizations of data in time and space.
tools: Simile timelineAPI, and the Google Maps API.
spinometerSpinometer Experiment
Scientists present animated data visualizations:
Interferometric Qubit Measurement Experiment
tools: Image animation, <canvas> element graphing,
Python CGI, javaScript, jQuery
Web sites to inform, persuade, instruct, promote. The internet is publishing such as Gutenberg could not have dreamed — it is the new way of the word.
freelance website design and construction.
for information and quotes,
contact Jon Crump at: